The burner can consist of one swirler or a plurality of swirlers

The burner can consist of one swirler or a plurality of swirlers

A burner with one swirler typically keeps a round cross-section. A burner containing a plurality of swirlers may have any cross-section it is typically circular or square. Generally a plurality of burners was arranged coaxially round the axis of a gas turbine.

According to one embodiment a plurality of energy nozzles try delivered in said upstream third in the period of the swirl vane assessed over the swirl axis, more ideally just during the upstream quarter of mentioned duration

In a favored embodiment the burner under full-load injects fuel from sucking part or even the force side of at least one, better of swirl vanes. Under limited weight the energy shot are staged as expressed below.

In an especially recommended embodiment, the gasoline was inserted throughout the suction side while the stress part of each swirler vane, i.e. from both edges in the inserting swirl vane concurrently. This allows for a design with the lowest critical swirl numbers and paid down force fall. The shot through the force part was driven from the circulation toward minimal distance, for example. toward the swirl axis, thereby filling up the radially interior part of the annulus of annular casing, while shot from the sucking part is driven radially outward, thus completing the radially exterior an element of the annulus. This is certainly a result of the release stream perspective relating to development and might end up being increased by having the trailing side run with improving length from the axis, for example. radially outwardly, more and more in path for the reason that the stress side faces. The crucial swirl numbers sn because of this style may be much lower compared to the common designs to fill the radially internal and outside areas.

Preferably, each movement slot, getting created between circumferentially adjoining swirl vanes for the collection or plurality of swirl vanes, provides a fuel entry part that runs downstream-from the best edges (typically along side upstream third or upstream half the swirl vane) and a gas-discharge part that stretches upstream through the trailing edges of the determining swirl vanes (typically across the downstream stream next or downstream 1 / 2 of the swirl vane), wherein the fuel is actually injected inside stream position inside the petrol entry region, preferably in (basic) upstream next associated with swirl vane (in other words. near the industry leading) and/or preferably in a cross-flow treatment.

The burner cross-section was defined by a limiting wall, which for example types a can-like burner

Really desired your gasoline are injected by several fuel nozzles, e.g. 4 to 12, ideally 6 nozzles, being preferably positioned one adjacent another in radial way over the vane area or in essence parallel into the industry leading, when the energy nozzles are circular and/or include elongated position nozzles expanding basically parallel on the industry leading of the swirl vane and/or comprise a first nose for injections of liquid-fuel, and/or the next nozzle for treatment of a gaseous gas and a 3rd nose for injections of company atmosphere, which encloses the most important nose and/or the second nozzle.

Relating to a favored embodiment, the swirl vane is provided with soothing details, for introduction of cooling environment through axial swirler in particular in order to prevent flashback. Preferably these soothing details are shown by inner blood circulation of cooling method along the sidewalls associated with vane system (in other words. by providing the vanes with a dual wall surface design) and/or by movies air conditioning gaps, ideally situated near the trusted or trailing side, and where the majority of preferably the cooling items were provided with air through the company gasoline feed furthermore used for the fuel injection. A plurality of different socket orifices christianconnection quizzes or a plurality of nozzles tends to be organized close to the other person for introduction of cooling air. Soothing environment may be launched through the sucking and/or the pressure area of a part of or of all swirl vanes.

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